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Filling out our quiz is simply and quick. Answer each question based on the last 3 months of how you feel. Being completely honest is key to accuracy of results.

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Every nutrient tested will be given a score out of a possible 100. You want to be as close to 100 as possible. A score below 70 is cause for slight concern and a score below 30 is cause for immediate concern.

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We send you a 30 day supply of exactly what you need to optimize your health. You will receive a new supply every 30 days and can test yourself as much as you like.  

"Our test uses the data from over 600 clinical trials of nutrient inadequacies related symptoms. So you are effectively using a database of every sub-clinical symptoms. For example, when people have ridges on their fingernails and never know what it means, that is actually a scientifically proven symptom of low stomach acid. Most people would never know that.

The other companies in this space use superficial quizzes that can never determine whether or not you truly need the given nutrient they are recommending. When determining the need for Vitamin D, our competitors ask if you are in the sun often. What if you aren't but you supplement with Vitamin D for that reason? Why don't we instead assess whether or not you experience the symptoms proven to be attributed to a need for Vitamin D? It just makes so much more sense."

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